Security and Privacy Research Project From Researchers at Georgia Tech

  • Are you reusing your password from financial sites like Bank of America to everyday sites such as Evernote?

    Recently, due to lax security measures on Evernote, millions of passwords were leaked. If you were reusing the same password on a critical site such as Bank of America, without either parties' direct fault, it would have inadvertently jeopardized your important financial data.
    To see all the major data breaches in the last 3 years compromising millions of accounts, check this .

    Appu helps you keep track of password reuse of across multiple websites. Appu notifies user when a password shouldn’t be used between an important website that might store valuable data and an unimportant website. This will help to instill good password management practices for the user.

  • Are your passwords good enough?

    Most of the users will not use “password” as their password. However, even "clever" passwords created by savvy users might not be strong enough!

    For example, a seemingly strong 15 character password “super!Spider356” can be cracked by an attacker within 6 hours with meager computational resources.

    Surprising right? This password has letters, capital letter, digits and a special character. Most sites containing users' invaluable data would accept it and even indicate it as a "strong" password, giving users' false sense of security

    Appu will help you choose strong passwords and also show how much time it will take for an attacker to crack your password when security leaks occur.

  • At any given moment if there was a security leak:
    • Do you know how many sites have your social security number that can cause identity theft?

    • Do you know how many sites have your credit card number that can cause unnecessary financial burden or stress of dealing with banks to resolve unauthorized charges?

    • Do you know how many sites have your home address or phone number that can allow a person with ill intent to track you or your family members?

    Appu will help you to track over 26 personal information fields that you can consolidate across the different web application that store your personal data.

  • Did you recently change some of your personal information?

    • Bought a new house and changed the address?

    • Bank reissued you a new credit card due to suspected security breaches?

    Remember the difficulty and the uncertainty of not knowing which accounts might be affected by address or credit card changes?

    Appu immensely eases your burden by consolidating the location of all your personal data and presents it in one single report. Allowing you to make the necessary changes and update old information.

Multiple award winning computer science security researcher and professor at Georgia Tech, Nick Feamster has been an avid user since its inception and here is what he has to say about Appu.